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Sustainable solutions for eco-conscious gatherings

The team at the Penticton Trade & Convention Centre along with our clients and community are continuously trying to improve our practices and procedures to ensure we minimize our waste and overall footprint.

Explore some of our current initiatives


  • Paper and cardboard
  • Glass and plastic
  • Aluminum and metal
  • Styrofoam
  • Recycling bins in each meeting room
  • Recycle cooking oils through an outside company
  • Old computers and electronics are taken to the depot for recycling


  • LED Lighting in all open spaces
  • Lighting is turned off and temperature is turned down in rooms not in use
  • Blinds on exterior windows to minimize heat/ac loss in winter & summer months

Food & Beverage

  • Chefs creates all stocks from scratch
  • Chef sources local produce when available and in season
  • Chef inspired vegetarian and vegan meals are available
  • Individually packaged food and beverage are avoided whenever possible
  • Ice water in pitchers on tables rather than individual bottles (not during COVID-19 safety protocols)
  • Single-use plastic plates, cups and utensils are only offered upon request

Reduce & Reuse

  • Meeting room linens are reused for same company multi-day meetings if clean (not during COVID-19 safety protocols)
  • Notepads and pens can be placed at the back of the room to minimize waste
  • Preferred audio visual supplier, SW event technology, uses EnergyStar equipment and follows corporate policies regarding proper disposal of old equipment.
  • Working on installing low water flow fixtures in public spaces
  • Reduced interdepartmental group files and have transitioned to electronic format
  • Phosphate/Phosphorus free cleaning products
  • On-site bike racks

Future Planning

  • Where possible all disposables are made from 100% recycled materials
  • Composting in the back of house
  • Onsite herb garden
  • Installing electric car charging stations